About Us

Our company was established in 1996. It specializes in manufacturing and packaging of food products.

Initially it started with production of “OHO Flips”, continuing with the production of pudding, pastries, cream powders (vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate foam and cream), and processing of coffee, peanuts, mashed potatoes, flour, coconut, cocoa, bicarbonate soda, black pepper, corn starch, and wheat flour. This enabled a considerable expansion of our company.
Currently EVKO produces also chocolate and chocolate spread “Durina.”

Our products are available in all marketplaces in Kosovo and can be found in Albanian and Macedonian markets as well.

We have established different partnerships for our supply and currently we import our raw materials from places like:

Mashed potatoes from Germany
Coconut flour from Sri Lanka
Cocoa from Indonesia
Black pepper from Malaysia
Bicarbonate soda from Romania
Peanuts from China etc.
All of the above mentioned products are available for wholesale as well.

We are open to and welcome partnerships – domestic and international.