Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake

Chocolate and yogurt chocolate cake is a simple recipe to prepare by taking a little care in baking. The aroma and taste of this dessert is irresistible and can be consumed at any time.


250 gr Flour

200 gr Sugar

4 Eggs

150 gr Fresh butter

50 gr Roasted hazelnuts or almonds

10 gr Cocoa 10 gr

25 gr Liker

A little orange cedar

1 gr Baking soda

How to use


The butter is softened and beaten with the sugar in stainless steel dishes until white. To this mass are added egg yolks, parts, orange cedar, cocoa, liqueur and a part of flour mixed with roasted hazelnuts or almonds. Meanwhile the egg whites are beaten like meringue.

Add the egg whites, mix lightly, add the rest of the flour mixed with the hazelnuts and egg whites (meringue). The prepared dough is poured into forms lined with paper and baked at a temperature of 190 – 200 degrees Celsius for 40 – 50 minutes. Once cooled, the paper is removed from the mold and sprinkled with powdered sugar.