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Lemon cake

Not only for lemon lovers, Lemon Cake has a delicate and very aromatic taste. This delicious dessert can be prepared very easily in a few minutes.

Puding dessert

Puding cake is a dessert that can be prepared in many homes. Simple ingredients are enough and you have a very tasty dessert, try it and you will love it.

Chocolate strawberries

Chocolate strawberries for a perfect taste. These two ingredients go very well with each other, so we prefer to prepare and enjoy it.

Muffin with chocolate chips

Chocolate muffins with a special rich taste of delicious chocolate. Perfect taste for breakfast or a light afternoon.

Brownies dessert

Brownies cake, is a traditional American recipe. It is a cake that in the main composition has chocolate and soft crust. This dessert can be prepared in many different ways.

Profiterol with chocolate

Chocolate profiteroles is a dessert that when you start trying it you will not stop. This dessert has a unique taste and is very easy to prepare.

Chocolate Macarons

This dessert is of French origin. It is prepared with few ingredients and is very tasty. The filling of these cakes can be made as desired, with chocolate, jams and various creams.

Crepe with choco cream

Crepe with choco cream is one of the simplest desserts in preparation. This dessert is very much liked by both children and adults.

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