Brownies dessert

Brownies dessert

Brownies cake, is a traditional American recipe. It is a cake that in the main composition has chocolate and soft crust. This dessert can be prepared in many different ways.


200Gr Chocolates for cooking

150Gr Flour

200Gr Sugar

250Gr Butter

4 Pieces of Eggs

40Gr Cocoa

Vanilla sugar

Yeast for cakes

A little salt

How to use


In the beginning to prepare these vrownies cakes need to melt the chocolate. In the maria bath we place the chocolate cut into pieces for melting. Alternatively chocolate can also be melted in the microwave. Then add the butter. Once melted mix the whole mass.

In a bowl toss the eggs together with the sugar. Stir them together and add the sifted cocoa together with the flour. We mixed the flour with the yeast for cakes and a little salt. Add some vanilla.

Add the melted chocolate and continue to stir until the whole mass for brownies is homogeneous. No need to beat, just mix well.

The brownies cake is ready to bake. In a casserole where we have placed kitchen paper (rectangular) we throw the prepared mass of dessert. Place the pan in the oven at 180 ° C for 30/40 minutes.We must be careful not to bake it too much, as it is characteristic of this dessert that the heart stays a little soggy.