Chocolate Macarons

Chocolate Macarons

This dessert is of French origin. It is prepared with few ingredients and is very tasty. The filling of these cakes can be made as desired, with chocolate, jams and various creams.



For 30 Macarons

100gr Flour

180gr Powdered sugar

3 Egg whites

30gr Sugar

3 teaspoons Cocoa

For the filling:

200gr Dark chocolate for cooking

50ml Milk

How to use


We take the egg whites which should be at room temperature 20-25 ° C and we start beating them in a deep glass or porcelain container. You can use the egg beater or electric beater, but be careful not to overdo it.

Once a white foam is created, add the sugar (30gr) piece by piece and continue beating.

The eggs should be beaten until the white becomes a creamy white mass and when we raise the beater it should be sharp and not bent. See also photos for illustration.

Mix the almond flour with the powdered sugar, cocoa and add half of this mass to the egg white. With the help of a spoon we start to stir it carefully. Then add the other half. Mix slowly until you have a homogeneous mass.

We take the boss’s pocket and fill it with the prepared mass. In a casserole where we have previously laid kitchen paper we start and create some small circles with a diameter of less than 5cm.

Once we have filled the pan, we should lightly press it into the kitchen plan, thus removing the air and not creating bubbles inside, as well as getting a round and smooth shape on top.

The pan should be left to rest in a cool environment 20-25 ° C for 30-40 minutes. The pasta is ready to bake if when touched the surface does not stick.

Place the pasta pan in the ventilated oven at a temperature of 170 ° C and let it bake for 15-20 minutes.

Once they are boiled, let them cool and then remove them from the pan.

Prepare the chocolate

Meanwhile, prepare the cream by melting the chocolate in the tub and mixing it with the milk. Stir well until we reach a homogeneous mass.

We take the prepared cream for filling and throw it in the cook’s pocket. We take a pasta and at the end we throw a layer of cream without coming out of the board. We take another pasta and combine it with the cream.