Puding dessert

Puding dessert

Puding cake is a dessert that can be prepared in many homes. Simple ingredients are enough and you have a very tasty dessert, try it and you will love it.


3 Eggs

1 cup powdered Sugar

1 glass of Milk

1 cup vegetable Oil

2 cups Flour

1 Baking powder

1 Vanilla

1 Pudding

2 cups Cocoa

How to use


In addition to the cocoa, pour all the other ingredients into a bowl and mix for about 5 minutes.

Pour half of the glaze into the baking dish and add the cocoa to the other half and mix.

Pour the cocoa glaze over the first glaze and put the cake in the oven for baking at a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius.

After baking the cake, pour the pudding over it.