Crepe with choco cream

Crepe with choco cream

Crepe with choco cream is one of the simplest desserts in preparation. This dessert is very much liked by both children and adults.



500ml Milk

250ml Flour

50gr Butter

3 Eggs

A little Salt

Ingredients for filling:

350gr choco cream


Powdered sugar for decoration

How to use


We take a big glass container and throw in the flour and a little salt. Mix well and add the milk slowly beating it constantly. We must be careful not to create grains from the flour. We can also use the electric beater. Add the eggs while continuing to beat well.

Melt the butter in the bath or in the microwave and add it to the prepared mass (care must be taken that the butter is not hot). Stir all the ingredients well until we reach a liquid and homogeneous mass.

Meanwhile, heat the pan with the crepes, (if you can not use even a normal pan by coating it with a little butter around the circle, it is enough to be a non-stick one).

We throw over the casserole, in its center, a garuzhde with the prepared mass. We open it well by folding the pan or if you can you can use the crepe opener which is made of wood and has a T-shape.

Let the crepe cook for about a minute and then return it to bake here as well. We throw it on a plate and continue like this until we have finished all the prepared dough.

Once they are baked, we take a crepe, coat it completely with chocolate cream, (if it is a little strong, put it in the microwave or in the bath for a few moments to melt). Then we fold the crepe in two and then even more in two. Place the crepe on the plate and garnish with powdered sugar.