Profiterol with chocolate

Profiterol with chocolate

Chocolate profiteroles is a dessert that when you start trying it you will not stop. This dessert has a unique taste and is very easy to prepare.


100gr Butter

130gr Flour

200ml Water

4 Eggs

A little Salt

5gr Sugar

Ingredients for the cream

500ml Cream Pana

400gr Dark chocolate


How to use


In a saucepan toss the panna cotta and let it heat up on the fire. Add the chopped chocolate and mix well until completely melted. Pour the prepared mixture into a glass container and leave it to cool completely in the refrigerator.

Once the cream has cooled completely, start filling the bigne one by one with the help of a pastry pocket. Place them on a plate and top with chocolate cream. let the dessert thicken. Chocolate profiteroles is ready to be served.